O.K. got that out the way. LOL. Let’s get into our Goddesses of June & July shall we?

Drumroll please for the Goddess of June…

mother of all eagles

THE MOTHER OF ALL EAGLES, is a Native American goddess and guardian of this sacred bird. She affirms that women can possess all the qualities we admire in eagles, like, strength, speed, superior vision and the ability to soar above the storm.

The Goddess of July is…


APHRODITE, in Grecian culture, but Oshun to me. She encompasses them all. Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. She is more than that though. As the trinity: virgin-mother-crone, she governs the world by natural matriarchal law. She reminds us to embrace our sensual side, honor beauty/grace/pleasure, and to cherish renewal/rebirth.

both goddesses remind us that there are so many facets and layers to us. we are the virgin-mother-crone. we are the seductress with beauty, love, and grace. we must remember to honor all those layers, and to embrace them because that’s what makes us who we are: Goddesses! strong and powerful women who have the ability to soar above the storms.


brown vegan goddess

7 Tips On How To Meditate

Have you ever tried to meditate & felt like you weren’t doing it “correctly” or getting the “results” you were looking for? I know I felt this way when I began meditating some years ago. I found myself frustrated, upset & disappointed because I thought I wasn’t doing it “right”. My mind would go off on a tangent, I would move around a lot to try to get comfortable, and I simply thought shouldn’t I be feeling all zen right now. Well after reading about it, practicing different styles & speaking to others who practice meditating daily, I found 7 things in common that I want to share with you. These 7 tips on how to meditate effectively will definitely have you well on your way to a more balanced & peaceful life. I promise. Now lets get to it!

Tip #1- Consistency. You’ve got to be consistent if you want to see results. And that’s with everything in life. Consistency is key because if you commit to meditating everyday or twice a day, I promise you will see results. Because see it’s not about doing it right when you are new to it, it’s about just making the effort to do it. You could commit to say twice a day, once in the morning before you head out for the day & once before bedtime. The more you do it, you find yourself becoming more peaceful, more balanced, more relaxed & in control.

Tip #2- A Quiet Place. Find a quiet space where it is peaceful. It could be a bedroom, your car, your deck or patio, your bathroom; any place that is quiet for you. A place quiet enough so that you are able to hear. Now you may be saying, “Brown Vegan Goddess just said a place quiet enough so I can hear? Hear what?” You are listening for yourself, your higher self, or God, or Source, or whatever you call your higher power. And that’s the difference between prayer & meditation. In prayer you are talking to God, but in meditation you are listening to God.

Tip #3- Enhancers. Enhancers for meditation include stones, incense, singing bowls, herbs, healing rods, etc. These items do just that…enhance. They can help you get into that zone or space you need to be in to effectively meditate. Various crystals & stones enhance meditation (i.e. quartz & amethyst) just by holding them while you meditate or placing them on your chakras while meditating. Incense cleanse the space & the mind for meditating. Singing bowls help by bringing your frequency where it needs to be for meditation.

Tip #4- Focus/Mindfulness. During meditation you want to focus the mind. Make it still. Be mindful of your mind if that makes sense. You want to clear your mind of all distractions. So I recommend no tv, internet or social media before meditating. Images have a way of sticking, which is why imagination is so powerful. So make sure your mind is clear. If you find yourself drifting into other thoughts, gently acknowledge them by smiling & saying “not at this time…Peace of mind now” & refocus on your breathing.

Tip #5- Breathing. This is probably the most important tip along with consistency. The breath is spirit & you always want to be one with it & focus on it. So as you meditate listen to the breath. Let it guide you into deeper meditation. The breath is what assists the mind, body & spirit into perfect balance. Inhale deeply allowing the belly to expand with each inhalation & exhale completely to where the belly completely deflates. Listen. God is speaking.

Tip #6- No right way. Don’t beat yourself up about not “doing it right”. Truth be told there is no right way. Meditating can be done walking, sitting, laying, or standing. It can be done alone or in groups. It can be done with or without someone guiding you. The main thing is to be consistent, quiet, mindful/focused, & breathing…and it doesn’t hurt to have a few meditation enhancers.

Tip #7- Just Meditate. So simple, so easy. That’s it!


Peace & Balance Always,

Brown Vegan Goddess

Gods and Goddess Go Fund Me!

Please and thank you!

I just set up a Go Fund Me campaign today and I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Even if I don’t reach my goal, which I know that I will, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to extend myself and open up to help from others. It’s humbling to say the least.

IF you are wondering what my campaign is all about click on the link below:

BVG’s GoFund Me Campaign 

I want to thank you in advance for all your love, support and donations!

Once I reach my goal, I’ll be giving all those who donated a special gift! Head over to my campaign page to find out what it is 😉