The BRown vegan goddess (bvg) brand began unofficially in 2014 as a blog created by aisha Brown, a registered nurse, ARtist, & certified kemetic yoga instructor.

it started out as a way to share the vegan lifestyle with the world.

to this day that is still a major goal, but we also hope to inspire others across the globe Through original art work created by Aisha Brown (BVG).

Brown Vegan goddess is for everyone who is looking for inspiration on living a holistic balanced life by eating healthy plant based food, practicing self love, incorporating the practice of yoga into their daily lives, & appreciating original art that is life!

We ask that you don’t keep what you see here to yourself. Share! Repost BVG content all over social media and out to the world!

We give thanks to you for finding us on the web. Don’t be a stranger, we’d love to hear from you…leave us a comment, hit us up on social media, watch & follow along with our yoga videos, and support the arts.

Peace & Balance Always,

Brown Vegan Goddess ♥