Gods and Goddess Go Fund Me!

Please and thank you!

I just set up a Go Fund Me campaign today and I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Even if I don’t reach my goal, which I know that I will, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to extend myself and open up to help from others. It’s humbling to say the least.

IF you are wondering what my campaign is all about click on the link below:

BVG’s GoFund Me Campaign 

I want to thank you in advance for all your love, support and donations!

Once I reach my goal, I’ll be giving all those who donated a special gift! Head over to my campaign page to find out what it is 😉


response to “Gods and Goddess Go Fund Me!” 1

  1. I have had the benefit of intrinsic gifts from my amazingly talented, wonderful, loving, progressive thinking, luxuriously eloquent, intelligent Daughter for her lifetime and she constantly inspires my life journey! Every conscious thought has a fair measure of awe, excitement, anticipation and joy, just thinking of the glorious path she chooses!

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