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Shop Sprayology: A Homeopathic Oral Spray

Homeopathic Products For Your Health & Wellness


Brain Power: For those who need a mental boost, & lack focus or concentration. *Best seller among students & professionals! *****ONLY 1 LEFT!

IMG_5815 Brain Power $8.00 (tax & shipping not included) 

SleepEase: For those suffering with wakefulness, anxiety, stress & restlessness. ****ONLY 1 LEFT!!!

IMG_5816 SLEEPERS $9.00 (tax & shipping not included) 

Stress Relief: For the overworked, worn out, anxious, & irritable. #1 SELLER! ****ONLY 1 LEFT!!!

IMG_5817 Stress Relief $11.00 (tax & shipping not included) 

Body Skin Tonic: For dry skin & scalp, itchy & red skin, & great for eczema/psoriasis. ***ONLY 2 LEFT!!!

IMG_5818 Body Skin Tonic $8.00 (tax & shipping not included) 

Arnica Power: For all my athletes, yogis, & physically active people with aches & pains. All pain relief.

IMG_5819 SOLD OUT!!!

B12 + Folic Acid: Great for everyone! B12 & folic acid is essential for a healthy nervous system. ***SOLD OUT!


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Aisha Brown, RN, BSN, BSBA