O.K. got that out the way. LOL. Let’s get into our Goddesses of June & July shall we?

Drumroll please for the Goddess of June…

mother of all eagles

THE MOTHER OF ALL EAGLES, is a Native American goddess and guardian of this sacred bird. She affirms that women can possess all the qualities we admire in eagles, like, strength, speed, superior vision and the ability to soar above the storm.

The Goddess of July is…


APHRODITE, in Grecian culture, but Oshun to me. She encompasses them all. Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. She is more than that though. As the trinity: virgin-mother-crone, she governs the world by natural matriarchal law. She reminds us to embrace our sensual side, honor beauty/grace/pleasure, and to cherish renewal/rebirth.

both goddesses remind us that there are so many facets and layers to us. we are the virgin-mother-crone. we are the seductress with beauty, love, and grace. we must remember to honor all those layers, and to embrace them because that’s what makes us who we are: Goddesses! strong and powerful women who have the ability to soar above the storms.


brown vegan goddess

April/May Goddess of the Month

How appropriate to reveal the Goddess of the Month just before Mother’s Day this Sunday. Granted I missed April’s Goddess due to traveling, but I’m back and hitting you with 2 Goddesses!

Our April Goddess of the Month is…


She is a Grecian Goddess associated with the laurel tree, hence the artist has depicted her as such. Greek mythology says she was immortalized in this form because she prayed to the river God Peneus for help. She was trying to get away from Apollo, who had become infatuated with her. So Peneus answered her prayer by turning her into a laurel tree, which Apollo worshipped forever.

If you want to learn more about her and her story, click on the link below:


Our Goddess for the Month of May is…

Goddess of compassion

The Goddess of Compassion has many devotees in Asia where thousands of altars are made for her. She takes many forms and has many names. In China, her name is Kuan Yin or Miao Shan. In India and Tibet, she is Tara who herself is made up of 21 deities.

She is often shown with the sacred lotus flower, which symbolizes purity and enlightenment; pearls of illumination; and a small vase filled with divine nectar. Her right hand expresses the traditional Buddhist mudra, warding off evil.

give thanks to all the Goddesses out there raising, loving, and guiding children, whether you physically gave birth to them or not. Brown Vegan Goddess hopes you have a lovely and joyful mother’s day this Sunday. Peace & Balance Always!

Goddess of March: Laima


Laima is a goddess of Lithuanian & Latvian culture.

She, along with her sisters Kārta and Dēkla, symbolize fate and good fortune. Laima is the patron of pregnant women, childbirth and domestic life. She is the principal deity among the trinity of female fates.

Legend says that Laima was once a swan transformed into a woman after her feathers had been burned. She married and had several children. She grew weary of mortal life over time and wanted to return to her swan state. So she gathered some feathers and used her magic to be restored to her swan form and fly away.

She never returned to her human form, but always the vigilant mother. She visited her children often to check on them and make sure they were doing well.

Goddess of February

As promised every month BVG is showcasing a Goddess from the art collection of Susan Seddon Boulet.

And what better way to kick of the month of February, aka month of Love, than the one & only Kemetian Goddess Bast!


Bast, aka Bastet, is the daughter of Rah (the sun God). She is the original CatWoman! The lunar goddess is usually shown as part cat and part woman, and her energy invokes life, fertility and creativity. And just like cats, she is playful, jovial and fierce protector all in one. Bastet can be very sensual & erotic as well, which is why I said February (the month of love) is perfect timing to get to know this Goddess.

In ancient Kemet, cats were revered & well taken care of. I’m pretty sure you could find cats throughout temples dedicated to this fierce Goddess all over Egypt during those times. Historians tell us that the Egyptian/Kemetian word for cat is mau, which means light and/or mother — Mother of Light.

I plan to dig deeper into this Goddess’ history and learn even more. Learn more about all the goddesses mentioned. I’m just giving you a little insight into each Goddess, but it’s up to you to dig deeper. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Peace & Balance Always Loves!