What Could Happen Going Vegan

∴What you might experience going vegan∴

This year I will be 6 years old! Six years of being vegan that is 😉 And I’ve said this a million times that going vegan was the best decision I ever made. I’ve also said before, that the reason I initially went vegan was because I wanted to lose weight. I did lose weight…15lbs. But, I also experienced a few other things that a lot of fellow vegans don’t know or just failed to mention about what you may experience when going vegan.

Now this has been MY experience, and I am only sharing with you what you may experience based off of mine.

What you may experience going vegan include, but aren’t limited to these and are in no particular order:


Now, I know all these may sound pretty intense. But what people fail to realize is that these are detox symptoms. These things are also more likely to happen if you go vegan “cold turkey” like I did. Your body is purging itself from all the dead flesh, toxins and build up that has accumulated over the years from eating animals and their by-products. So, you may see more pus-filled pimples; runny nose aka sniffles; increased body odor and sweating. Your body is literally going through an internal transformation that is manifesting externally.

A lot of people have told me, “oh I tried the vegan thing but it made me sick. My doctor told me to quit because it was making me anemic.” And what I tell them is, there is no such thing as going vegan making you sick. You are detoxing. That’s what you are experiencing, especially if you just went vegan a week or two ago. Like you haven’t even given yourself time to adjust. You have to think about how long were you eating animals, and how long it’s going to be before you fully adjust to eating a plant-based diet. The change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process.

One very important tidbit of information I would like to share is that it is very important to eat balanced, nutrient rich foods. Take a multivitamin that includes iron and b12. Drink at least 6-8 cups of water daily. And I promise you will be good to go forever on a plant-based regimen.

Aside from the detox symptoms I mentioned above, there are way more benefits for you going vegan that you will experience! I’ll share with you some of mine.


There are so many more benefits to going vegan, not just for yourself but for the planet too. It has truly allowed me to sleep better a night knowing I did not cause harm, or contribute to the harm through purchase or eating of animals. I am confident in my decision. I have healed myself and my family living this way. And I don’t see myself ever going back because life is too good!

Peace & Balance Always!

Thank you for reading 😉



Skin Care: How To Have Radiant Skin All Year!

Skin Care 101: How To Have Radiant Skin Year Round

We are approaching winter, it’ll be here before you know it. The air will be cold and dry outside & warm and dry inside due to the heating systems. This can be really rough on our skin, mucous membranes, hair & nails. Because the skin is the largest organ of our body we want to pay extra special attention to it during the winter months. So here are some skin care things that I do daily and/or weekly to make sure I keep my skin looking healthy and beautiful year round.


I cannot stress this enough! The number one reason for skin looking dry, dull and wrinkled is because we simply aren’t drinking enough water. There are pictures floating around on the internet of people and how their skin looks when they aren’t drinking enough water vs. how they look when they do start drinking enough water to hydrate their bodies. It is really amazing. I mean me personally, I know I don’t drink as much as I should everyday but I’m conscious of it. I know that in order to maintain a healthy highly functional body I need to drink at least 1 Liter of water a day. And that’s a minimum. If you don’t like plain water then throw some fruit in their & have some fresh homemade infused water! I prefer plain alkaline water or spring water. It’s totally up to you what kind of water you prefer, the main thing is to just drink it and lots of it!


Sorry, not sorry. This stuff is just really not for human consumption. Let all the animals & their secretions go for the remainder of 2016 please! Dairy consumption and acne go hand in hand. There have been several studies about this & you can ask any aesthetician or dermatologist & they will tell you (if they are honest & knowledgable) that dairy creates mucous and an acidic environment in the body. It also encourages bacteria production which can definitely create the perfect environment for skin breakouts and acne. The easiest way to get rid of dairy in your diet is to just GO VEGAN 🙂


Sleeping on other materials can dry your skin out creating wrinkles. I just use one of my moms old satin robes and wrap my pillow with it. If you don’t have something like that to use, just buy one on Amazon.


I know some people feel like they just don’t feel clean if they don’t use hot water to wash their face with or shower in. And I know with it being cold out hot water may feel the best, but it is not what’s best for your skin. Hot water strips the skin of all it’s natural healthy oils & it gets rid of the good clean healthy bacteria on our skin that’s needed to fight off all the nasty germs out there. So I suggest growing into the habit of using cool or cold water on your face especially, and lukewarm to warm water on your body. Never use soap on your face! Again, soap strips the skin of it’s healthy oils and good microorganisms. Instead use an oil cleanser. Yep! thats right oil. Because I’m kapha dosha I don’t need any heavy oils inside or outside of my body, so I use sesame oil to cleanse my face. Now I know you are probably thinking what the heck is kapha dosha. That’s a whole other topic to get into on another day and time. If you know anything about ayurvedic health and wellness systems then you know about kapha, pitta, and vata dosha.


Don’t go overboard with the products folks! Less is definitely more. So I will tell you what I do daily or weekly to keep my skin healthy, happy and radiant! I never use soap on my face. I eat a vegan diet. I drink alkaline water. I sleep on a satin pillow. I clean my face every other night with sesame oil before I shower, then I rinse it off in the shower with plain cool water. On the other nights it’s just plain water. I use a gentle and mild toner, like cucumber or rose witch hazel, on the nights that I cleanse with oil. Then I moisturize my face with a mist several times a day. And the mist is just water and an essential oil like jasmine, rose water or orange. Again, very mild and gentle. You never want to use anything harsh like a scrub on your face. I remember a dermatologist once told me a long time ago to treat the skin on your face and neck like silk. You would never scrub silk or use anything abrasive to clean it, and the same goes for your skin.

We should always be gentle with our bodies. Never rough, rushed or angry. Be mindful of what goes in and on your body. Give yourself the ultimate gift of love to yourself. We show appreciation to the Creator when we treat our bodies well. That means eating the righteous  things, drinking the righteous things & doing the righteous things for our temples. Well I hope this gives you an idea of what to do and how to start creating that healthy and radiant skin that you want. If you have any questions or comments feel free to do so in the comment section. Peace & One Love!



Sidenote: I forgot to mention one other thing that I do on a weekly basis. I apply a skin mask one day out the week to really give my face a deep cleanse. I apply it to my face and neck, as you should do with all your skincare products (don’t wanna have a beautiful radiant face and a turkey neck, lol). So yeah, get yourself a gentle clay mask like bentonite clay. I use the Redmond Clay Brand for now, but I’ve use the Earth Science almond clay mask in the past. Both work really well. And all the mask do is provide a deep cleanse, tone and purify the skin.










How To Get Everything You Want In Life

4 Rules to Getting Everything You Want In Life!

Over the course of 1 week I’ve had an epiphany. Just last night I shared this with my sun, the exact same way I’m presenting it to you in this post. It’s something that I’ve been knowing & doing all my life really, but I didn’t remember until sometime after graduating high school. Did you just catch that? I’ve known this truth all my life but I didn’t remember it until I became an adult. This epiphany was remembering that their is a universal truth or law to always getting everything you want in life! Seriously. You can have everything you want! Why? Because I once read in a great book by Louise Hayes, that the Universe always says ‘Yes’. Now, take a moment to think about that.

The Universe always says ‘Yes’. This is the case regardless if you know this truth or not. It always says yes. So, with this being the case, wouldn’t it make sense that you would have everything that you ever wanted in your life? I know you’re probably thinking…well if the Universe always says yes to everything I want, why do I have this illness? I didn’t ask for that. And the answer to that is, yes you did whether you realize it or not. You probably asked for it by saying things like, “if it ain’t one thing it’s another. It runs in my family. You gotta die from something. I don’t care what they say I’m eating whatever I want.” And if you didn’t ask for it verbally, you asked for it with your behavior (i.e. eating crap, not exercising, smoking, drinking, having sex with multiple random partners, not loving yourself, overworking, etc).

See the Universe/God/Creator/Source whatever you call it doesn’t care what you look like in order to respond. It responds to energy, period. And by it’s own law, it’s universal truth, it must respond accordingly when you follow it’s rules. The bottom line is if you follow these 4 rules the Universe has no choice but to say yes & give you what you want. So what are the four rules?

Here are the 4 Universal Rules, Truths, Laws to live by if you want to get everything you want in this life:
  1. Say it
  2. Write it 
  3. Feel it
  4. Act on it

Following these rules have never failed me. My entire life is what it is because I have followed this system. And I must admit my life is nothing short of a fairytale. And that’s not bragging or boasting. It is the truth. Remember in the beginning I told you this is something I’ve been doing my whole life almost, and it has gotten me 2 college degrees, the best husband on the planet, 2 amazing children (of course a boy and a girl for balance 😉 ), career, money, houses, businesses, etc. I mean I have to take a step back and take inventory of my life regularly, something that I recommend doing often to help remind you how blessed you are & grateful you should be.

Life is truly what you make it. I’ve said it time and time again, you create your life. The Universe roots for us, for you. It’s always on your side, waiting on you to ask It for what you want. So that it can respond the only way it knows how by saying…


Peace loves.

Balance Always.

Brown Vegan Goddess xoxoxo


Please comment below with questions & thoughts on this post I’d really appreciate it and welcome it!

Been Thinking About Ending My Social Media


How Social Media Affects Empaths…

“Look at me. Competing with folks you don’t even know & who don’t know you. Telling EVERYthing and showing EVERYthing. How “deep” you are & “woke” you are. I’m vegan, I’m vegetarian, I’m paleo, I’m gluten-free & sugar-free…blah, blah, blah. I’m having this event only _____s allowed. NO this is how you do it, I should know I’m an expert (of what? child bye!). I’m traveling here, there and everywhere. You aren’t ____ because you don’t _____.”

Like shut up already! I’m at the point where I just want to return to a time where social media didn’t exist. Where you just lived your life & didn’t feel the need to tell the world about it. Hell I’m trying to figure my life out & how it all works too! I ain’t got time to be posting shit everyday all day. I have a life that requires me to be fully present for every moment of it.

I believe in divine order & “timing”. If it’s meant for me to connect with a person from high school or an old job, or a distant relative then it will happen. I don’t need to pretend like I really have 200+ friends. I don’t want 100s of “friends”, never have and never will. It’s exhausting & draining. Distant relatives are distant for a reason. Because to be honest, if I have not seen you in years & don’t know you, I’m pretty sure I don’t care about your latest vacation or new car you just bought. I Do Not Care.

As an empath, I’ve learned during this social media experiment over the years that it does not do me good mentally or physically. It’s too much of a sensory overload. People thinking they know you just by pictures and memes. People wanting your time and energy to unload all their depression, anxiety, illness, negativity on to you. If you are an empath, you need to stay away from social media, gossip, a lot of people & their energies, etc. It will weigh on you and create imbalances in your space. And if you don’t know how to protect your aura & energy, it will bring you down. People who are damaged are drawn to empaths & because we can’t say no I don’t want to hear it…we listen. Listening is what we do. But if you don’t take a LOT of time out for you to reconnect, reboot, recharge & decompress; you will find yourself feeling ill, low vibration, depressed & moody.

If You Are An Empath Here Are 5 Things You Must Do Often…
  1. Meditate
  2. Sage or Palo Santo Yourself
  3. Listen to healing vibrations (i.e. music, waves, birds, cat purrs)
  4. Sing, paint, draw, write, dance…create!
  5. Be alone

Read this article to learn more about what an empath is & how they are affected by people, world events, places, & things around them.

So, I guess the question is am I going to delete my Instagram & FaceBook account?

The Answer Is…

I Don’t Know. Maybe. Eventually. Sooner or Later. Yes.

If I do delete those accounts, I will never delete my YouTube Channel or my Website because I have to share my gifts & knowledge with the world. That, I must do.

Updated 10/16/2016: I have deleted the Instagram & FB app off my phone, which means I won’t be accessing it all the freaking time. I’ve noticed a pattern with me…during the fall & winter I go into a social hibernation mode, particularly social media. I don’t feel like seeing or posting anything on social media. So maybe during the season when everything wakes up and is rejuvenated and reborn (i.e. Spring), I’ll return with a bang! lol. Until then if you need to connect with me my email and YouTube channel are still poppin. Peace Loves.