7 Tips On How To Meditate

Have you ever tried to meditate & felt like you weren’t doing it “correctly” or getting the “results” you were looking for? I know I felt this way when I began meditating some years ago. I found myself frustrated, upset & disappointed because I thought I wasn’t doing it “right”. My mind would go off on a tangent, I would move around a lot to try to get comfortable, and I simply thought shouldn’t I be feeling all zen right now. Well after reading about it, practicing different styles & speaking to others who practice meditating daily, I found 7 things in common that I want to share with you. These 7 tips on how to meditate effectively will definitely have you well on your way to a more balanced & peaceful life. I promise. Now lets get to it!

Tip #1- Consistency. You’ve got to be consistent if you want to see results. And that’s with everything in life. Consistency is key because if you commit to meditating everyday or twice a day, I promise you will see results. Because see it’s not about doing it right when you are new to it, it’s about just making the effort to do it. You could commit to say twice a day, once in the morning before you head out for the day & once before bedtime. The more you do it, you find yourself becoming more peaceful, more balanced, more relaxed & in control.

Tip #2- A Quiet Place. Find a quiet space where it is peaceful. It could be a bedroom, your car, your deck or patio, your bathroom; any place that is quiet for you. A place quiet enough so that you are able to hear. Now you may be saying, “Brown Vegan Goddess just said a place quiet enough so I can hear? Hear what?” You are listening for yourself, your higher self, or God, or Source, or whatever you call your higher power. And that’s the difference between prayer & meditation. In prayer you are talking to God, but in meditation you are listening to God.

Tip #3- Enhancers. Enhancers for meditation include stones, incense, singing bowls, herbs, healing rods, etc. These items do just that…enhance. They can help you get into that zone or space you need to be in to effectively meditate. Various crystals & stones enhance meditation (i.e. quartz & amethyst) just by holding them while you meditate or placing them on your chakras while meditating. Incense cleanse the space & the mind for meditating. Singing bowls help by bringing your frequency where it needs to be for meditation.

Tip #4- Focus/Mindfulness. During meditation you want to focus the mind. Make it still. Be mindful of your mind if that makes sense. You want to clear your mind of all distractions. So I recommend no tv, internet or social media before meditating. Images have a way of sticking, which is why imagination is so powerful. So make sure your mind is clear. If you find yourself drifting into other thoughts, gently acknowledge them by smiling & saying “not at this time…Peace of mind now” & refocus on your breathing.

Tip #5- Breathing. This is probably the most important tip along with consistency. The breath is spirit & you always want to be one with it & focus on it. So as you meditate listen to the breath. Let it guide you into deeper meditation. The breath is what assists the mind, body & spirit into perfect balance. Inhale deeply allowing the belly to expand with each inhalation & exhale completely to where the belly completely deflates. Listen. God is speaking.

Tip #6- No right way. Don’t beat yourself up about not “doing it right”. Truth be told there is no right way. Meditating can be done walking, sitting, laying, or standing. It can be done alone or in groups. It can be done with or without someone guiding you. The main thing is to be consistent, quiet, mindful/focused, & breathing…and it doesn’t hurt to have a few meditation enhancers.

Tip #7- Just Meditate. So simple, so easy. That’s it!


Peace & Balance Always,

Brown Vegan Goddess

How Do I Know What My Purpose Is?

What IS YOUR purpose?

You hear this question all the time, whether it’s you asking yourself this question or someone else asking you. What is my/your purpose? If you know great! But for those who don’t know what their purpose is, this can be mind-boggling. I mean what is purpose anyway and how do you figure out what it is?

Purpose to me is something that you are meant to do, or “destined” to do in this life. It is something we all have in us from day 1. It the reason we chose to come to this realm in the first place. To accomplish something that only we can do and no one else. It’s unique to you, your fingerprint on this planet.

OK…so how do I know or figure out what my purpose is Brown Vegan Goddess?

To figure out what your purpose is, is simple but not easy. It’s going to require some work on your part & a lot of introspection. And we all know that anything worth having requires work to get it and maintain it, right? Right! Besides, you are worth it. I mean why should you put in all your time, energy and effort into someone else’s purpose & not put even more into yourself?

So here are 5 simple steps to take if you want to figure out what your purpose is:

  1. Get in your quiet place & think. Think about what did you LOVE to do as a child. Notice I said as a child. You need to think about what you loved to do as a child because this is before all inhibitions, doctrine, pressure & doubt sunk in. You are completely free as a child to dream, imagine, create & have fun. So think about it and write it out so you can have a visual.
  2. Do some digging in your family tree. A lot of times our purpose can be found through others in our family. For instance, I’ve rediscovered my purpose in visual art. I mean I’ve always been a very creative person: writing, modeling, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, etc. But after high school it all stopped. College, marriage, having children, & working took over; and my creative side took a backseat…way back to nonexistent. It wasn’t until recently, like a month ago, that my creative fire was sparked by some creatives I follow on Instagram. And my DAD, who is my #1 fan, told me about his mother being an awesome drawer of faces. I had an uncle who made sculptures from scraps. And my dad was a painter too back in the day, and even sold some of his work while in college. So I say all this to say, do some digging in your family tree and you just may find your spark! Familial patterns exist, and that pattern could be your purpose sleeping in your DNA waiting to be awoken.
  3. What comes natural to you? Think about it…like what comes natural to you & you’re really good at, and expound on that. For instance, if you are naturally great at writing start looking into writing a best-seller. You may be naturally great at all things beauty related (hair, skin, clothes, etc.), look into starting your own beauty supply store or beauty products line. The options are endless. Now this doesn’t mean just because you are naturally good at something you shouldn’t learn more about it or get better at it. You definitely want to grow and expand on your craft or skill. It could be taking a course or two at a local college, online training, weekend seminar, or reading several books.
  4. Connect with others who have the similar interests/hobbies/passions. A lot of times just being around others who have similar interests as you, can spark the fire to your purpose. And it doesn’t have to be connecting in person, it could be on social media too. I’ve connected with so many great creatives, vegans, yogis, and entrepreneurs online that have definitely helped push me closer to my purpose. I’ve been inspired to do what I love, and that’s led me to my purpose: creating.
  5. What gets you excited to the point you can hardly sleep? And I want you to really think about that. Meditate on it. Like what could you do every day that would truly give you joy, to where you are so excited to wake up and do? For me, I work as a nurse and don’t get me wrong I like it sometimes but I don’t enjoy doing it. I don’t wake up thinking I can’t wait to go give pharmaceuticals to folks, stick em with some needles and change a few wound dressings today. But what I do get excited about is creating artwork! I go to bed thinking about it, when I am at work I’m drawing and doodling, and on my off days I’m working on my art. So you have to think about what is that for you, and do that.


I really like this topic and I hope you get some value out of it, and really put these steps to use. It just may change your life. You’ve got to start putting yourself first. Because if you’re miserable, uninspired and bored with life nobody is gonna want to be around that. People have enough to deal with on a day-to-day basis, you think they gonna want to have you adding to it. No ma’am, no sir. Get back to you and what makes you happy from the inside out, and do more of that!

find your purpose!


Tis The Season—To Boost Your Immune System

Matcha latte #dulcevegan bakery & cafe

With the seasons changing and the temps dropping you’ve got to ensure your immune system is ready. They call this the cold & flu season for a reason. One of the reasons being, the sun is setting earlier which means we aren’t getting as much sun exposure. The lack of sun affects our vitamin D levels, which is a huge component in staying well. Second reason, it’s colder and people are staying indoors with windows closed and dry heat pumping throughout the house. This means germs are confined, and mucous membranes are drying out due to the heat which lowers our natural defenses.

So I want to help prepare you by giving you 7 tips on how to stay well this season.

  1. Take a multivitamin with a sufficient amount of vitamin C, B-12, Probiotics, vitamin D and immune boosting herbs like Echinacea, Bladderwrack, or Irish Sea Moss. I recommend Dr.Sebi’s Bio Ferro to keep your cells clean & healthy, which in turn will keep you clean & healthy!
  2. Up your fresh juices & smoothies, and add super foods & herbs (i.e. macha, moringa, bee pollen, lemon/limes, kiwi, spinach, grapefruit, beets, cranberries, etc). The more alkaline foods you eat the better. It’s your health insurance.
  3. Drink a whole lot of water!!!!!! At least 1 gallon. I know that’s a lot, but your body needs it to keep your lymphatic system flushed and mucous membranes moist to fight off any “intruders”. (I need to take my own advice with this one)
  4. Do some type of exercise daily, at least 30 minutes a day.
  5. Meditate/Pray daily. Spiritual health is just as important as physical if not more. 
  6. Wash your hands often. So basic, so simple.
  7. Up your intake of raw fruits & veggies. Incorporating a daily salad is an easy way to do that. Fresh raw fruits and veggies maintain their nutrient dense content, as opposed to frozen or cooked. And eat what’s in season (greens, beans, roots like sweet potatoes and beets, cranberries, apples, pumpkin, nuts). Mother Nature knows & provides what our bodies need in order to thrive during any particular season.

Do these things and I promise you will have a happy healthy winter! Also, if you aren’t vegan, now is a great time to GO VEGAN!



Been Thinking About Ending My Social Media


How Social Media Affects Empaths…

“Look at me. Competing with folks you don’t even know & who don’t know you. Telling EVERYthing and showing EVERYthing. How “deep” you are & “woke” you are. I’m vegan, I’m vegetarian, I’m paleo, I’m gluten-free & sugar-free…blah, blah, blah. I’m having this event only _____s allowed. NO this is how you do it, I should know I’m an expert (of what? child bye!). I’m traveling here, there and everywhere. You aren’t ____ because you don’t _____.”

Like shut up already! I’m at the point where I just want to return to a time where social media didn’t exist. Where you just lived your life & didn’t feel the need to tell the world about it. Hell I’m trying to figure my life out & how it all works too! I ain’t got time to be posting shit everyday all day. I have a life that requires me to be fully present for every moment of it.

I believe in divine order & “timing”. If it’s meant for me to connect with a person from high school or an old job, or a distant relative then it will happen. I don’t need to pretend like I really have 200+ friends. I don’t want 100s of “friends”, never have and never will. It’s exhausting & draining. Distant relatives are distant for a reason. Because to be honest, if I have not seen you in years & don’t know you, I’m pretty sure I don’t care about your latest vacation or new car you just bought. I Do Not Care.

As an empath, I’ve learned during this social media experiment over the years that it does not do me good mentally or physically. It’s too much of a sensory overload. People thinking they know you just by pictures and memes. People wanting your time and energy to unload all their depression, anxiety, illness, negativity on to you. If you are an empath, you need to stay away from social media, gossip, a lot of people & their energies, etc. It will weigh on you and create imbalances in your space. And if you don’t know how to protect your aura & energy, it will bring you down. People who are damaged are drawn to empaths & because we can’t say no I don’t want to hear it…we listen. Listening is what we do. But if you don’t take a LOT of time out for you to reconnect, reboot, recharge & decompress; you will find yourself feeling ill, low vibration, depressed & moody.

If You Are An Empath Here Are 5 Things You Must Do Often…
  1. Meditate
  2. Sage or Palo Santo Yourself
  3. Listen to healing vibrations (i.e. music, waves, birds, cat purrs)
  4. Sing, paint, draw, write, dance…create!
  5. Be alone

Read this article to learn more about what an empath is & how they are affected by people, world events, places, & things around them.

So, I guess the question is am I going to delete my Instagram & FaceBook account?

The Answer Is…

I Don’t Know. Maybe. Eventually. Sooner or Later. Yes.

If I do delete those accounts, I will never delete my YouTube Channel or my Website because I have to share my gifts & knowledge with the world. That, I must do.

Updated 10/16/2016: I have deleted the Instagram & FB app off my phone, which means I won’t be accessing it all the freaking time. I’ve noticed a pattern with me…during the fall & winter I go into a social hibernation mode, particularly social media. I don’t feel like seeing or posting anything on social media. So maybe during the season when everything wakes up and is rejuvenated and reborn (i.e. Spring), I’ll return with a bang! lol. Until then if you need to connect with me my email and YouTube channel are still poppin. Peace Loves.