My prices for private in-house sessions are as follows & are subject to change:

Individuals: $35/hr

Couples: $65/hr

4 one-hour sessions for couples/monthly: $185/month (equivalent to $46/hr per session)

4 one-hour sessions for individuals/monthly: $120/month (equivalent to $30/hr per session)

For groups of 3-4: $30/person for an hour

For groups 5 or more: $20/per person for an hour

*I do NOT carry any change on me during lessons so exact amount is due after the yoga flow. I also accept debit/credit card on site.

I recommend you bring a towel, water, yoga mat & free spirit to the yoga class. I do not at this time provide any of those items, but who knows…maybe in the very near future you will be able to rent and/or purchase these items from me.

Peace & Balance Always,

Aisha (Brown Vegan Goddess)